First we wanted to creat an epic adventure map in minecraft, where players would do quest in 4 big citys. Our first creations were realy simple, but not so bad. We were just finishing our second city when we saw Jesse Cox’s “Out side the Block” show where he took a tour in the MC world of the FryeUK. Wewere both inspired by ther work, so we decided to creat stuff in a much bigger scale.

Thats when we crated a new server and builder our first (realy) hugh city  Al’darauby. We were happy on our server until a cataclysmic event didn’t happen -> Notch put back the snow biome in the game, half of our world turned into ice. That’s when we created our next server where the new goal was to creat good looking but reather small builds/citys. Well we had to leave that server to -> after the ice age came the global warming when Jungels were put in Minecraft. Don’t miss undertsand us we love jungels but our servers bioms where demolished. So after long Brainstorming came the big idea -> Why not creat our own world, whit our own land marks, and own bioms. After a few weeks of learning, both me and Clay learned to us and creat worlds in Minecraft Worldpainter.

In the new lands, new patches for minecraft will not “reform” our bioms, we will not suffer from looking for weeks for a dessert of mountin that is enough big to put our buildings or citys on it. We have created our own sanctuary, where the Gods of Epic-nes rule, and creat the world as they desire.

Team Members


Founder, and creator of the Epic-nes Factor. Khebron is a 23 years old guys, how played videogames since he was a kid. His very first games were Warcraft Orcs and Humans, and a DuckTales The quest for Gold. He is specialized in PC games ( that means he suck at every other platform) inside it hes favorits are RPG, FPS, and adventure ( yes that means he suck at all the other game tipes -.-). He started playing whit WoW in 2004 and his first Character was Khebron a human paladin, where his name comes from. After 5 years of PvE he turnd his back on it when it started to suck so in 2009 he meet whit clay in a PvP guild where one Dreamer meet the other. Both of them loved PvP and a sandbox game cald Minecraft, thats where Our Story starts, where two brilliant brains created the world of the Epic-nes Factore. Khebron is the best at creating Buildings, and kicking Clay back side in PvP.


Co-Founder, and he help create the Epic-nes Factor. Clay is an 18 years old student how learns media in school, and thanks for these skills he is the best atcreating intros, videos, and our web site. Clay just as Khebron played videogames since he was a kid, but he started to play WoW befor Khebron. He was always into PvP, and never liked PvE. When the both of them were in the same guild, they slowly recognized that they have the same interests so fate broth them to geather to creat one good gaming team. In Minecraft Clay is the best at terraforming and underground constructions.