The Creation

Long befor men the Creators, made a perfect world whit huge mountains, long rivers, endless oceans, and forests filled whit life. The place was eden it self. After the world was made the Creators did last two things, first they orderd and group of Arch Angels to protect this world from out side attacks and second they created an inteligent being called Steve. His only purpose was to live in this world. After these were done the Creators left to creat a new world. Years have passed sinc the “Gods” left and Steve whit every day he got lonelier and lonelier, but one day an Arch Angels called Gyerussa feelt bad for Steve and created a mate for him Stefany. Steve got realy happy to have some one to show his creations and to share love whit some one. But the other Angels where angry whit the deed of ther sister, and they wanted to punish Gyerussa and they wanted to kill Stefany and Steve. In the last minutes the Creators have returned because of the disturbance in ther world. When they arrived back they saw to happy being living to geather in ther world. Even that Gyerussa disobeid his masters they forgive and allowed Steve and Stefany to live to geather whit one restriction: The Creators made both of them mortals so they would age and one day die, but they could give birth to new life and creat a new race called humans.

The First Union

The age befor Thedes the first created the union was called the Dark age. The world of the creators was turned into one big battlefield Where kingdoms fought kingdoms for power, where humans fought humans for ther kings, and where brothers fought each other for a fake justice. These are the times where I. Thedes lived. He was a simple soilder when he had enough of pointles battles and wars. One day he and some of his followers performed a coup againts ther own greedy king. Soon Thedes had his own kingdom and army, to start his Righteous champain to male this world a better place. He needed almost 20 years to complite this quest, but he did it. Finaly he stoped the pointless battles between the other nations and he brought peace to the world of the Creators.

The end of the Union

30 years after the union King I.Thedes saw the possiable end of the union, he know that one man can’t hold all the nations to geather, so he mad the biggest mistake in the known history. He wanted to split the world of the Creators between his three sons, Tharis, Thodir, and II. Thedes. The idea of I.Thedes was that his three sons united can keep peace in the hugh world, at the begining everthing seemed alright, but after the Death of I.Thedes all has changed. The eldest son Tharis was a brilliant scientist and a talented mage, so his father gived him the biggest part of the union the fool easter continent whit 6 citys including the city of mages that became his seat of power. The western continent was split between the two youngest brothers. Thodir was a grandios strategist and a true warrior so he got the northern regions whit the control pf the citys. One of these citys was the Elfen city, I.Thedes hoped that his hot headed son Thodir could learn some wisdom from the elfs, but he never did. The youngest son was II.Thedes he was never the best at anything, but he was the only one to know how to handle people, and he had a heart of gold. So his father gived him the smallest of territorys the souther lands, but he remaind the ruler of the capital city. Only a few years after the father death Thodir turned againts the will of his own father and prepared his forces to attack the lands of his elder brother Tharis. Soon the two of them started fighting each other. Thodir to prove that his father was wrong and to rule the full union alone, and Tharis to protect his people. II.Thedes couldn’t watch his beloved brothers fight each other so he had an idea. He joined his brothers and enterd ther war as a third force. Whit this action he stoped the invasion force of Thodir and likely saved hundreds of lifes. Some questiond II.Thedes deed to stop his brothers, but later historians discovered the reason behind this decision. The three brothers were close to each other so II. Thedes knew that Thodir would call his forces back because of his biggest fear, a war againts two enemys. If II.Thedes would have joined forces whit Tharis then still Thodir would have had the power to cruse both of his brothers, but joining the war as an independed faction Thodir was a fraid that if he defeats one of his brothers the other would easyly deafeat him. So the war of the Three Brothers was a slow champain, and except some small ship battles and border fights ther was no serious battles.

The end of The Brother Wars