Hello ther Ladies and Gamers, and welcom to our web site.Symbol of the Epic-Nes Factor

Her we will keep you guys up to date, about our activity in minecraft, and ofcorse in other games as well. Our goal is to serve you guys amusing gaming content from a big selection of games. Mostly we will be playing Minecraft, but we will try out new games, play “retro” games …

I’m Khebron founder of Epic-nes Factor, a relatively funny, average gamer. I play whit almost every type of game, but my favorit game typs are: RTS,FPS,RPG. I found a game good, if it has an interesting story, and ther are a big variety of features in a game.

My partner, and Co-founder of Epic-nes Factor is Clay. His a realy silent guy, and only talks if needed or no one comments funny stuff. He likes FPS, RPG, and MMORPG, and he rates a game after its gameplay, and style.

We meet in World of Warcraft (we were in the same PvP guild). I was playing Minecraft from its midd Beta phase, and I was the one how introduct Clay to Minecraft. We both like to creat stuff it dosen’t matter on paper or on a virtual world that is made out of blocks. After a few months of building stuff we meet in a Bar, where we had the idea to creat an “Epic Minecraft youtube channel“. So begins the Tale of a Space pirate and an assasin to creat EPIC-nes Factor !!!!